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sanei_debug.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Support for printing debug messages.

Use the functions of this header file to print debug or warning messages.

Definition in file sanei_debug.h.

#include <sane/sanei.h>
#include <stdarg.h>

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Internal macros and functions

Do not use in your own code.

#define DBG_LOCAL
void sanei_debug_msg (int level, int max_level, const char *be, const char *fmt, va_list ap)


Public macros
These macros can be used in backends and other SANE-related code.

Before including sanei_debug.h, the following macros must be set:

  • BACKEND_NAME - The name of your backend without double-quotes (must be set in any case)
  • STUBS - If this is defined, no macros will be included. Used in backends consisting of more than one .c file.
  • DEBUG_DECLARE_ONLY - Generates prototypes instead of functions. Used in backends consisting of more than one .c file.
  • DEBUG_NOT_STATIC - Doesn't generate static functions. Used in header files if they are include in more than one .c file.

#define DBG   DBG_LOCAL
#define DBG_INIT()
#define DBG_LEVEL
#define ENTRY(name)
#define IF_DBG(x)

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