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#ifndef preferences_h
#define preferences_h

#include <sane/sane.h>

typedef struct
    const char *device;       /* name of preferred device (or NULL) */
    const char *filename;     /* default filename */
    int advanced;       /* advanced user? */
    int tooltips_enabled;     /* should tooltips be disabled? */
    int twocolumn_enabled;    /* should two column be disabled? */
    double length_unit;       /* 1.0==mm, 10.0==cm, 25.4==inches, etc. */
    int preserve_preview;     /* save/restore preview image(s)? */
    int preview_own_cmap;     /* install colormap for preview */
    double preview_gamma;     /* gamma value for previews */

extern Preferences preferences;

extern void preferences_save (int fd);
extern void preferences_restore (int fd);

#endif /* preferences_h */

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